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It is becoming increasingly common for criminal proceedings to be brought against businesses and senior management – a long-drawn out and highly stressful experience. As a result, TEN France has a department specializing exclusively in representing legal or natural persons,  whether defendants or complainants. 
Our lawyers specializing in corporate criminal liability are extremely familiar with the everyday challenges and legal obligations involved in running a business. They will help senior executives in their dealings with investigating authorities and specialist courts all over France. Workplace accidents, breach of trust, defamation/libel, secondments, voluntary questioning without being placed in police custody, being remanded in custody – each of these situations is unique. We offer all our clients both our legal skills and psychological support, enabling them to face these challenges. We have a strong foundation in the field of criminal defence and draw on the practice’s wide range of expertise in tax, commercial and employment law to organize the best defence strategy possible. 

Workplace bullying or sexual harassment, employers’ duty of care, workplace accidents, fraudulent use of corporate assets – reducing exposure to criminal law proceedings has become a major issue for businesses. We run training courses which can be customized to your requirements, helping your business take a preventive approach to these risks.

The team dedicated to criminal law



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Detail Contact +33 (0)5 49 55 54 88


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