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The people to go to when it comes to employment law, social security rights and law governing supplementary social protection schemes, our team of around thirty specialist lawyers and a dozen legal experts are here to help you whenever you need them. 

We take the risk out of corporate human resource management.  We’ll help you understand  all aspects of labour legislation, clarify the impact your decisions could have on human resources and finances and help you turn your projects into reality. We offer one-off or occasional consultations, a subscription service model or access to our information bulletins – we tailor our service so we’re available as and when you need us. 

Our legal team will represent you at a wide range of French courts (employment tribunals, the social division of the regional court, courts of appeal, courts of first instance etc).

As labour law constantly changes, we have devised training courses to help you update your knowledge and keep abreast of developments in specific areas. These courses are tailored to your field of activity, including the specificities of your collective bargaining agreement.