Whether we’re offering you legal advice or representing you in a dispute, our commitment to efficiency, transparency and a client-tailored approach underpin every case we undertake.

A listening ear

Relationships are central to everything we do. What’s the starting point of every successful relationship? Attentive, active listening. This enables us to better support you through the decisions you take. Careful analysis and a clear understanding of your goals allow us to tailor our support to you.
No legal work is undertaken without your authorization. 


We’ll analyze a range of situations and client requirements from a legal point of view, assist in the field of administrative and legal proceedings, draft legal documents, help with negotiations, arbitration and deals: we’re here to offer you clear answers and workable solutions. 

We’re highly-responsive and always near at hand. Whatever situation you’re faced with, we’ll assess the challenges and financial risks it poses to your organization, as well as analyzing its potential PR impact – whether in-house or externally. Thus we can work together to draw up the most effective legal strategy possible. 

Defending your interests

Offering you a comprehensive package of dispute resolution services as soon as trouble appears. 
Before proceeding any further, we’ll assess the financial, social, market-related and PR issues at stake in order to jointly devise the most appropriate plan of action. Where legal action may be a possibility, we will evaluate the likelihood of success. 

We will also look at alternative ways of resolving the dispute (compromises, mediation, arbitration).
Lastly, in the event of legal proceedings, we’ll ensure that you are kept fully briefed on our preparation of your case. Every letter we send and every legal document we draw up will be sent to you for your approval. No document leaves the firm without having been discussed in-depth with you before. Court orders are explained in a way that’s both easy to understand and precise. They will come accompanied with advice specifically tailored to your best interests. We take the stress out of legal action for business leaders, notably by managing press relations.